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Verification and Referencing

We will provide you with the appropriate indemnity and authorisation forms required to proceed with an application.

All information is highly confidential and purely for the discretionary use of the company to determine the candidate’s potential and suitability for the position.

VERIFICATIONS conducted include the following:

  • ITC/Credit
  • Criminal checks (AFSwitch fingerprint reader is utilised – this is arranged through Talent-Check )
  • ID Verification/Fraud
  • Drivers license / PDP
  • Qualifications (Global and Local)
  • Employment Verifications
  • Professional association memberships
  • Business checks (for vendor purposes)

Turn-around time for Verification results can vary from 48 to 72 hrs dependant on the bureau and institutions accessed. Global verification results may be prolonged, dependant on the international institution.

REFERENCING: We will require the candidate’s comprehensive CV in order to confirm with Human Resources Departments:

  • the employment status
  • period of employment (dates of service)
  • reasons for leaving
  • direct contact with previous line managers will also confirm the candidate’s duties and responsibilities at the time, along with any
  • issues or discrepancies that may have occurred.

Our Referencing form covers all main attributes and skills. Should the position require a unique or specialised skill not included, the form can be tailored to include the appropriate technical questions to determine the candidate’s level of skill. The company’s job specification will assist us in aligning the form with the company’s requirement.

It is recommended to conduct a minimum of two references per candidate, as this will offer a more a comprehensive analysis of the individual’s work ethic and competencies.

Our aim is to offer peace of mind to companies with the belief that people are the building blocks of all organisations. At the same time they can be a huge risk factor in an organisation. It is therefore of utmost importance, to evaluate your prospective human capital thoroughly.

We look forward to offering our services to your organisation as a trusted business partner, able to assist you with unbiased and objective pre-employment screening of candidates.